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The Rothschild lab will open in September 2017!

We are seeking highly motivated postdocs, graduate students, undergrads and technicians to study neural circuit mechanisms of sensation and memory.


We are seeking talented postdocs to join our lab. Candidates with expertise in electrophysiology, two-photon imaging, animal behavior, and/or data analysis are particularly encouraged to apply. Please email Gideon with a CV, a brief statement of research interests and the names and contact information of 2-3 references.

Graduate students

We accept graduate students through the University of Michigan Psychology Department (Biopsychology area) and through the University of Michigan Neuroscience Program. If you would like to join our lab, please email Gideon with a brief summary of your past experience and future research interests.

Undergraduate students

We are accepting undergrads to join our lab and take part in experimental, computational and/or animal behavior research. If you are interested in joining our lab, please email Gideon with your background summary and what aspects of our research interest you.

Lab Technician/Manager

We are seeking a technician and/or manager to join our lab. Please email Gideon with your work experience and interests.

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Designed by Freepik